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Litigation and ADR



Traditional litigation in court in often a costly exercise and for this reason it is commonly considered a last resort when settling disputes. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) can take the form of negotiations or mediation and often presents a more cost effective means of settling a dispute. We are experienced in structuring settlement discussions between parties and liaising with other ADR professionals to achieve results for our clients without having to resort to costly litigation. We ensure our clients receive a fair and reasonable settlement that is consistent with their legal rights and commercial desires by considering the legal strengths of each individual case.


Bankruptcy is often an effective method of debt recovery if you are owed money generally or are a mortgagee and the borrower has defaulted on the mortgage and you have obtained a judgment from the Court.

MacGregor O’Reilly can act on your behalf from the initial stages of filing a bankruptcy notice through to the seeking of Sequestration orders and liaising with the trustee once the bankruptcy has occurred.

Our experienced team can also assist with all aspects of corporate insolvency and advice in relation to liquidations and administrations. For prompt assistance please contact one of our experienced commercial lawyers today.


At MacGregor O’Reilly our commercial debt recovery team can assist you to quickly recover monies owing under a contract, loan agreement, unpaid invoice/s or judgment debts. We can perform investigative searches and present you with effective debt recovery options. Our debt recovery services range from letters of demand through to bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings and enforcement warrants over real property to recover monies from debtors. We can also assist with small claims and self-represented debt recoveries by drafting effective applications to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT).


Since the introduction of the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) and the QCAT Act in 2009 there has been a shift in the jurisdiction and a merging of many of the administrative tribunals that handle disputes and judgments in a variety of legal matters.

Some of these matters can require representation in certain circumstances or may require legal expertise. MacGregor O’Reilly Solicitors can assist you in drafting your application or understanding your rights in relation to various proceedings at QCAT.